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RainMaker, The Powerful, Simple To Use Martial Arts Software You Need

Take your martial arts business to the next level with RainMaker. Completely automate your martial art schools marketing, everything from sending email broadcasts to employee time tracking ALL inside one piece of software that has been built by martial arts school owners FOR martial arts school owners.


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Used by 1317 martial arts businesses. Including

Randy ReidJeff GearsDaniel SterlingCheong ParkJames Wright Den Duston

Martial Arts Specific
After years of testing hundreds of software systems and never being able to find an all in one
solution specific to martial art schools we built it. That’s right, RainMaker has been built by martial
art school owners specifically for other martial art school owners.


  • Multiple Style Tracking
  • Stripe Tracking
  • Belt Ordering
  • Belt labels for graduations
  • Organize Rank Promotions by groups

  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Manual
  • Class Roster
  • Tablet/iPad
  • Kiosk


Simple To Use, All In One System
(billing, marketing, data)

RainMaker Martial Arts Software is POWERFUL, yet very simple to use…

  • ABCAlready use a software package to run your school? We can import your existing students from Champions Way, Kicksite, MAS, MindBody and more.
  • GearFull Martial Arts Management Software (track prospects, students, attendance, belts, payments, etc.)
  • StudentStudent Attendance Tracking (Bar Code, iPad/Tablet, Student Self-Check in)
  • DollarPayment Processing
  • ChartPoint of Sale
  • FullFull Financial Reports
  • StatsAutomatic Stats
  • AutomaticAutomatic Drip Marketing (Auto responders too!)
  • CheckBelt Promotions and Rank Tracking (multi-style enabled)
  • EmailE-mail Marketing and E-mail Communications
  • ProspectProspect Manager
  • AppointmentAppointment Book
  • CellphoneText Messaging and Voice Broadcast
  • BubbleAutomatic Missing in Action E-mail and Text Messaging
  • BellAutomatic Birthday Greetings
  • ClockAutomatic End of the Day Report Emailed to School Owner
  • SmileyThis list is already getting too long, but… we are just getting started! Fill out our form below for the rest of the details!



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Amazing Support
Do you Have Concerns? Contact Our Amazing SupportNever have to worry about wandering around RainMaker blind-folded, our amazing and dedicated support team are here to help you every step of the way.

It doesn’t matter what problems you are having we’re here to help and to ensure your use of RainMaker is as pain free as possible, afterall, it was built specifically to make YOUR life easier.


Cloud Based
(Regular Updates & Cost Effective)It doesn’t matter if you use a PC or a Mac you’ll be able to access RainMaker as long as you have an Internet connection. Access your account from anywhere, any time.

What Our Great Customers Say 



Image 01

Dear RainMaker,

I can’t thank you enough for making such an amazing product!! Our school Martial Arts & More had only 30 students 3 years ago. In 3 years we grew from 30 students to just over 500 students. Needless to say we were over whelmed with all the extra work required to keep track of each one of our students progress, keep our retention up, and pursue all our new prospects. RainMaker has been a critical part of helping our business grow. The email flows have been vital in keeping all our students up to date on testing dates and many other events that we have. Our students tell us often that they appreciate the reminders sent to them. The emails have been a great benefit to our students and kept them coming back and training. The automated confirmation text and voice calls have allowed us to follow up effectively on all our leads with efficiency and accuracy. This has caused our new student sign up to increase dramatically. The flows have followed students that are about to expire and increased our renewals. The point of Sale system has increased our pro shop sales because now inventory is ordered accurately and automatically from our supplier so there is no more waiting on items. Students get the gear they want when they want it. The RainMaker system has cut down on our administrative hours which give our staff more time to devote to attending to our students need. It’s been so effective in helping our student body grow that we have grown out of our current location and are moving to a location 3 times the size of the one we have now to accommodate our growing school.

Thank you RainMaker!

James Wright and Mary Muller
Wrights Extreme Martial Arts


Image 02

Life without Rainmaker? I don’t even want to think about it! Our school Denda Academy of Martial Arts was in the hunt for the best martial arts school management system on the market. We had tried MANY other systems over the years to keep our school running efficiently and painlessly, but none were able to what we discovered that
Rainmaker can do! I just can’t imagine using anything else. It’s just like having an office manager for our office manager! Everything is designed by martial arts school owners FOR martial arts school owners. These guys get it when it comes to smoothly running a top notch martial arts school. They know what works and what doesn’t
and we’ve benefited greatly from their experience and knowledge all wrapped up in what we consider to be the best management system on the market, Rainmaker! So many tasks are automated, like sending an email or text reminder to a prospect about their intro lesson, email or text reminders to students that haven’t been to class for a
while, automated collection of monthly billing for student tuition, daily emailed reports of all the stats of the day, and the list goes on and on. We love how our staff can use Rainmaker on all of our mobile devices, smart phones, iPads, and tablets. Everything is just a click or touch away. Rainmaker is always updating, innovating and improving their product. New features come out on almost a daily basis! We love how it tracks attendance and can now track stripes and tips for students. We haven’t seen a system successfully implement a powerful stripes/tips
system until now. If you aren’t using Rainmaker, you’re missing the boat! We can’t imagine using anything else! Thanks Rainmaker for helping our school become better and better!

Den Dutson
Denda Academy of Martial Arts


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we get our member and prospect information into RainMaker?

You can get all your basic data imported directly into your RainMaker account. For example, name, rank, address, email address, etc. We can not import payment information such as credit cards and checking account info due to PCI compliance.

2. What are all the cost involved with direct billing?

First we will walk you through the entire process, you don’t need to know all the technical stuff. RainMaker allows you to do direct billing by connecting to your current credit card processing account. This means whatever fees you pay for processing a credit card payment will be the same by using RainMaker. The only additional fee charged is for the payment gateway. The payment gateway costs $19 per month.

3. How long does it take to get started and set up?

Your RainMaker account will be built automatically as soon as you register.

4. How does RainMaker work if we use a separate billing company?

About half our clients use a separate billing company and use RainMaker for management purposes.

5. Does RainMaker connect to my website?

RainMaker can create forms for you to add to your website so all leads coming in from your website go directly into your RainMaker account.

6. Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer a 30 day trial that automatically converts to our monthly subscription.

7. What happens if I sign up and don’t like it?

If you sign up and don’t like it we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just let us know you would like a refund during the trial period and we will stop your payments and refund your initial start up.

Spend Your Time Operating Your Martial
Arts School…Not Managing Software

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